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Pros and Cons of Buying Ethereum Classic

Introduction to Ethereum Classic

Ethereum Classic is a worldwide, open-source blockchain stage for decentralized applications (DApps), powered by keen contracts and implanted with local computerized cash and ether classic (ETC). On Ethereum Classic, code can be composed to control the transmission of advanced esteem based on programmable conditions without the plausibility of impedances by a central specialist.

Sometimes known as the King of Smart Contracts, Ethereum Classic is the initial adaptation of the Ethereum blockchain. It looks to protect the foundational standards of decentralization and permanence through its untampered exchange history. 

Working of Ethereum Classic (ETC)

Ethereum classic is just a clone of the cryptocurrency, Ethereum. The Ethereum holders can make money by creating an account on Ethereum classic blockchain and duplicating their existing balance. Ethereum Classic gives Ether money (Classic Ether, ETC), which can be exchanged from one organized member to another and is utilized to pay for calculations performed by open organizer hubs and the capacity to form and possess advanced resources (tokens) on the Ethereum Classic blockchain. 

Pros and Cons of Ethereum Classic


  • Complete Decentralization: One of the few outstanding cryptocurrencies that are fully decentralized, and their nodes are distributed uniformly across the world. 
  • A replica of Ethereum: Ethereum Classic is an untampered variant of Ethereum. It abides by the immutability rule, and many investors choose to call it the original or genuine Ethereum. 
  • Technological advancements: The Ethereum Classic is technologically advanced as it can support bots like dApps and smart contracts. This feature also sustains its longevity as these functions need ETC as fuel, increasing the demand for more coins. 
  • Lower price: Unlike its forerunners like Bitcoin and Ethereum, Ethereum Classic is cheaper, thereby granting the investors an option to hold more crypto in the same amount of money. 
  • Increasing stability: The Ethereum Classic is working continuously to create genuine ties with Ethereum by using the rule of interoperability. It will further add to the value of this cryptocurrency. 
  • Enhancements by IOHK: Charles Hoskinson and the company have introduced Mantis, a security algorithm written solely for the protection of Ethereum Classic. 
  • Profitable in the long run: Despite facing numerous shortcomings, based on the expert’s analysis, one can say that this cryptocurrency will prove to be highly beneficial in the long run. 


  • Need of Popularity: Despite its grand claims of being driven to attain blockchain’s unique point, Ethereum Classic proceeds to be less prevalent than Ethereum. Whereas Ethereum flourishes and flourishes, running increasingly new savvy contracts and dApps, Ethereum Classic moves to stay within the shadow of Ethereum.
  • Lack of activity: Ethereum Classic sometimes remains inactive for long periods, due to which it faces popularity problems. 
  • Vulnerable to 51% attack: Since initiation, Ethereum Classic has faced 51% attacks various times. It has become a significant hindrance on its way to success. 

Ethereum Classic Price Prediction for Upcoming Years

Since its introduction in 2016, Ethereum Classic has dramatically risen and fallen in price. Here you can get more information and experts’ opinions about the future of ETC.

According to Experts, in a year, Ethereum Classic can record a high of $25; by 2024, the cost can go up to $50. As per the analysis of Trading Beasts, the Ethereum Classic can reach around $25 by December 2022. The price range is predicted to be between $22.487 to $33.07. According to Wallet Investor, by 2027, the price can go as high as  $230, with the revenue percent going around +691.56%. 

Is Buying Ethereum Classic Profitable?

Yes, Ethereum Classic has a significant market ambiance regarding money and a variety of other agreements. It also offers software developers enhanced flexibility to create new DApps and facilitate intelligent contract algorithms. So, it has something great in store for the investors soon. Moreover, Ethereum is in great hands. If the cost goes down, the CEO won’t stop or lay off many individuals if one doesn’t mind the stockholders. Instead, he will work on settling the blemishes and moving forward.


A bunch of engineers and community individuals made Ethereum Classic. They felt that Ethereum wasn’t remaining genuine to the standards of decentralized cryptocurrencies when the administration chose to roll the blockchain back to return stolen reserves to clients from the DAO hack. While it appears respectable on the surface, it undermines the exceptional qualities of fungibility and permanence that cryptocurrencies are esteemed for. 

Since parting from Ethereum, the Ethereum Classic venture has continued developing and thriving, proving that it was not just an impulse but a calculated move that drove the established individuals to part from Ethereum. Whether it can proceed to develop and grow its reach remains to be seen, and such an address is always a vast obscure within the modern wildernesses of blockchain development. While we aren’t certain Ethereum Classic brings anything modern, other than its “Code is Law” logic, it is sufficient that it can be one of the surviving blockchains once the inescapable combination within the space starts.

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