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Korean Crypto Bank to Provide Ethereum Staking to Investors

Upon observing and understanding the current scenario of Industries shifting their focus to Ethereum staking, and coming to the obvious conclusion of seeing a solid rise in the chances of further industrialization, Delio Bank, which indeed happens to be the most macro-scale and the largest Virtual Asset Service Provider, where South Korea is concerned, has joined hands with a blockchain infrastructure-based organization, namely, Blackdaemon, on September 22, 2022.

The prime resultant factor will be this step’s positive and forward influence, providing the service aspect now to retail users. Further, Blackdaemon will now be in the correct and comfortable position in offering node management and staking services to Delio Bank. On the other hand, Delio Bank will now be in the position of using and operating assorted nodes securing Ethereum. 

The General Manager for the Asia Pacific Region (APAC) of Blackdaemon, Andrew Vranjes, speaking to The Defiant, shared his viewpoint that the deal does not do justice to the correct scenario, which proclaims the rising figures of industries exponentially leaning towards Ethereum staking.

To further his claim, he mentioned that, in his educated opinion, the easily discernible increase in matters of demand is being radically pushed by the factors of further staking rewards that are now receivable by validators, right after the chain-merge from Flashbots’.

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