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Chainlink and Base organize a spectacular event

An unusual and simply spectacular event has been organized by Chainlink, along with Base. This is indeed a one-of-its-kind among many other NFT events that will be exhibiting the sheer brilliance and capabilities of NFTs. These have been duly created by experts in the field, as well as creative artists, all of whom are part and parcel of the Web3 ecosystem. 

The event will focus on the graceful merging of art with technology and promises to leave the audience completely mesmerized. This is a golden opportunity for all persons connected with blockchain, as well as people inclined towards NFTs, to be able to feast their eyes on everything that will be on public display and certain of winning hearts. For the benefit and comfort of all of the attendees, an entire array of snacks and drinks will be generously provided for their consumption. 

Chainlink, as an entity, is the absolute benchmark in terms of creating .as well as connecting with, and selling Oracle services that are the prime requirement for boosting hybrid smart contracts on just about any blockchain. Chainlink Oracle network offers the option for smart contracts to be in the position of linking with every external API and take full advantage of safe off-chain computations for the sake of building applications. 

At the present moment in time, Chainlink is responsible for having attained trillions of dollars throughout DeFi, as well as insurance, gaming, and a whole lot of other prime industries. It also helps in opening the doors for global organizations, as well as the top data suppliers in terms of every blockchain. 

Where Base is concerned, it has been created inside Coinbase and is basically an Ethereum Layer 2 network that is involved in making provisions for a safe, as well as cost-effective, and user-friendly method for creating decentralized applications on-chain. The ultimate vision of the entity is to become decentralized, along with being permissionless and open source. 

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