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KleverOS is deployed on TronWallet for the launch of Klever App

TronWallet is the most popular mobile cryptocurrency wallet in the world, and today it caters to more than 250,000 users across the globe. It provides a simple and faster cryptocurrency experience. TronWallet boasts of more than 84,000 active users in a month, making it one of the most used blockchain applications in the world of cryptocurrency. Since it has a dream of becoming a multi-chain wallet, TronWallet has already integrated support for the Ethereum and Bitcoin blockchains. In August 2020, it was announced that TronWallet would be operating with a new name – Klever. The wallet will get upgraded with high-level crypto security and a better and vast user experience. The crypto wallet has multiple upgrades ready on the new Klever platform and has four components – KleverApp, KleverOS, Klever Labs & Klever Exchange.

KleverOS is the most important component of this platform. The cryptocurrency exchange OS allows the developers of other platforms to integrate the run the wallets with the applications in a secure manner. The main aim of Klever is to make the Klever users become smart cryptocurrency investors. Klever has announced that it will use AI or artificial intelligence and automated bots in instant currency swaps and to understand market data. Klever is a groundbreaking operating system that calls for all blockchain projects to operate under one house. The main features of Klever OS are multi-token staking, crypto-to-crypto swap and exchange, one-click payment solutions, and allowing to send and receive funds instantly.

The Klever App is the 4th generation native crypto wallet and is the first app built on Klever OS. The Klever App will help field an ecosystem where users will have complete access to portfolio management, high-interest staking, and seamless payment channels. Beta testing has been going for quite a long time now, and some VIP members were invited to experience the new Klever App. However, the best news is that TronWallet has announced that Klever OS will be deployed on TronWallet to facilitate the launch of Klever APP and $KLV! It will ensure much better performance, scalability, and resilience.

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