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Binance Announces Integration With AKBank

Binance has recently announced the integration of its first bank channel with one of the most advanced and modern banks in Turkey, Akbank, at Binance Global.

Binance is an ecosystem based on blockchain that consists of a number of areas to fuel the larger objective of the advancement of the blockchain as well as the monetary freedom. It is one of the leading crypto Exchanges by the volume of trading. It boasts of users in over 180 countries as well as the regions.

Akbank was established as a privately held commercial bank across Adana, dated January 30th, 1948. Its core specialization includes banking activities, SME banking, consisting of corporate and investment banking, consumer banking, payment systems, commercial banking, treasury transactions as well as some private banking and international banking services. Akbank T.A.S. Invited deposits while offering retail as well as services for corporate banking.

Starting from today, the consumers can instantly transact Turkish Lira or TRY over Finance through desktop as well as the iOS App and at most reasonable fees across Turkey.

Binance keeps working with a number of partners in order to offer accessibility to crypto and blockchain globally. It endeavors to generate better ways to buy cryptocurrencies with fiat through a quick and safe way.

Binance also consists of Binance Labs-the venture capital arm and incubator, Binance DEX- decentralized exchange functionality developed over top of the native, community-driven Binance Chain blockchain, Binance Launchpad – token sale platform, Binance Academy -educational portal, Finance Research- market analysis, Binance Charity Foundation- blockchain-powered donation platform and non-profit for aiding in sustainability, Binance X – developer-focused initiative and Trust Wallet – the official wallet for multi-coins and dApps browser.

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